Top 5 Whitetail Hunting Channels on YouTube

With countless hunting channels to choose from on YouTube these days how do you decide which one to watch? I’ve complied a list to help you with that decision.

As a beginning bow hunter I struggled to find the right hunting channel that showed me real life hunting situations and taught me how to hunt along the way. After surfing YouTube for countless hours I believe I’ve found the 5 best hunting channels with the best real life content for the real life hunter.

The only thing better than taking down a monster buck in the woods during the November rut, heart pounding with adrenaline, hands shaking with excitement, is to watch someone else do it from the comfort of your own house. Learning what to do in different hunting situations, how to use different hunting equipment and gear, and entertaining content is a must when I watch a hunting show. Below I have listed what I believe to be the 5 best hunting channels on YouTube in 2021 that have checked all the boxes when it comes to a great hunting show.

The Hunting Public (THP)

From the first time I watched a THP hunting show I knew these guys were the real deal. In a short period of time they have went from a small hunting channel production to a legit hunting brand, while still keeping their content down to earth and watchable for the beginner to the professional.

I account most of my hunting knowledge from what I learned while watching The Hunting Public. Annually, they hunt whitetails around the country from September to January during their “Deer Tour”. In the spring time they switch it up for their “Turkey Tour”. They also branch off to the occasional Elk hunt or even small game, all while hunting strictly in public land.

Every show that THP puts out is quality content, and they are getting better every year as they expand, buying new and better camera equipment. These boys are always striving to make the best content for their viewers, and it shows, all while keeping it fun. Yes, hunting is serious business, you are taking the life of an animal if everything works out perfectly, but THP shows us that it’s not always about the size of the antlers, it’s about the story it took to get that animal and who you did it with. Cool slow motion shots and good music in the background help as well…

The Hunting Beast

Dan Infalt is one of the best hunters of all time. Just google his resume, Dan knows his stuff and has been doing it for nearly 40 years. Lucky for us we get to keep those 40 years of hunting knowledge in our YouTube memory banks as we watch his YouTube channel, the Hunting Beast. The Hunting Beast channel is chalk full of valuable hunting pearls straight from Dan and those he has mentored over the years.

If you are looking for high quality cinema style filmmaking The Hunting Beast is not your channel. Video quality is not high on the list of essentials for Dan Infalt and that is just fine with his fans and followers. However, don’t be fooled by the B-list type of video that you see on this channel, Infalt has been so consistently successful in the Wisconsin swamps and hardwoods that he has a hunting style named after him: Beast Style Hunting. A hard nosed, never give up, tough ground hunting is what Beast Style Hunting is all about.

Midwest Whitetail

Midwest Whitetail is about as different a hunting platform from THP and The Hunting Beast as you can get, but I would be doing this list a disservice if I did not add this channel. The guys at Midwest Whitetail are the true hunting tv professionals when it comes to filming and production, you will not find finer quality hunting videos anywhere on YouTube.

As a farm owner with a few huntable acres of land in my surrounding woods I love the information that Midwest Whitetail gives me about land management, food plots, and hunting setups every year. For those without huntable property they can personally manage this channel may not be your #1 go-to, hence the big difference between Midwest Whitetail and the others on this list. However, the amount of monster bucks Midwest harvests year in and year out is astounding, add that to the movie-like editing and you have a very exciting hunt in every video they release.

DIY Sportsman

For those of you who like to get down to the science and fundamentals of hunting the DIY Sportsman channel is right up your alley. Garrett Prahl, the DIY Sportsman himself, self films essentially all of his videos, putting a hard emphasis on the preparation and planning on each hunt. The detail that Garrett goes into while explaining his hunting techniques is so beneficial for beginning hunters, as well as experienced hunters. His tips and tricks can be used immediately and effectively in the woods on your next hunt, potentially giving you that edge when targeting your next buck.

Garrett also has multiple videos testing different gear and equipment. Again, the amount of detail thought that goes into each DIY Hunting video is amazing. As a beginning hunter myself I can hardly wait for the next DIY tidbit to drop, I have no doubt hunters all over the country can credit some measure of success to the DIY Hunter.

Seek One

Live in or near a major city and have nowhere to hunt? You may want to check out the Seek One channel on YouTube and see the brave new whitetail world these guys found in the Atlanta Suburbs. Many experienced hunters have resigned theirselves to the myth that all the biggest bucks live deep in the woods, inaccessible to all but the most dedicated hunters willing to take that 4 mile hike, well think again… Turns out the big boys have been chilling out, growing fat and tall right behind your neighbors house on the cul-de-sac that has become their safe haven. But as Seek One has been showing us now for about 10 years the cul-de-sac is no longer safe, all you have to do is gain permission from your neighbors, set up a blind and bam! Instant state record wall mount.

Seek One shows us that hunting success can come in many different forms. You don’t always have to travel out of state, camp in wilderness, and hike long distances to bag that monster, it could be right out your back door. The Seek One guys have asking permission down to a science, it must be handled the right way or that 20 point beast could slip right through your fingers. This channel has a tremendous amount of followers for a reason, shooting huge antlered deer is fun to watch, they’re also great at making their videos entertaining and exciting.


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