My CRNA Board Exam Strategy

How you study for your board exam is a personal choice, it all depends on your preferred studying strategy.

By the end of year 3 of my CRNA program I definitely knew what worked for me and how to use my time most efficiently when it came to studying. I took advantage of my 3 hour drive time per day to listen to a recorded board review course. I believe that strategy aided me the most for board preparation.

Other studying strategies I used was group studying and reviewing all my classroom notes. Some of my classmates traveled to a review course in person. I also borrowed an older version of a review course booklet from a recent graduate friend that I could memorize.

When To Schedule Your Boards

After graduation SRNAs are required to schedule their board exam test date. I would recommend scheduling as soon as possible, especially if you have already had plenty of study time in your last year of school. In my opinion, a person can only study so much until the information starts to overwhelm you.

By scheduling your exam about a week or 2 after graduation I felt gave me enough time to prepare, but also did not let me procrastinate in my preparation. With a date set it will give you a sense of urgency, a healthy urgency, that should help you focus more upon your studies.

T-Minus One Week!

My best advice for those studying for CRNA boards is to study like it is your job. Find your best strategy, find a quiet place away from distraction and spend at least 8 hours a day for at least 5 days to study.

• Each day wake up early, exercise, (I ran a mile or 2) shower, eat a healthy breakfast, then settle into studying until lunch time.

• After lunch study for another 3 to 4 hours.

• After 8 hours of study time put the books and notes away until tomorrow, relax and spend time with family or friends. Let your mind rest.

• Tomorrow, do it all over again. Days of studying can be added or subtracted, it’s up to you. But try to keep it in that 1-2 week period.

Test Day

Eventually you have to stop the studying and just take the test, even if you don’t think you are ready… In all honesty I didn’t feel like I was ready either, but I also felt like I couldn’t have stuffed any more information into my head. By scheduling your exam about a week or 2 after graduation I felt gave me enough time to prepare, but also did not let me procrastinate in my preparation.

• Eat a small healthy breakfast, if you can, and get a good night of sleep, if possible.

• Don’t cram or try to study on test day, let your mind be fresh.

• Wear comfortable clothes.

• Go to the bathroom immediately before you enter the test center.

You’ve had 3 years of preparation, along with your week or 2 of hardcore studying. Believe it or not You Are Ready. Good Luck!

My next post will describe how my test day went. Subscribe to my blog or check back soon!

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